5 Unique Marketing Ideas

Use paid social media advertising.

Though some may be deterred by the cost or think they should be able to market themselves without spending money, these tools are very useful for reaching new customers. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram all offer paid advertising that allows you to select your target market audience to ensure the best results. 

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Spend on paid content delivery platforms.

There are many services out there, such as Taboola. These platforms display links to your website as “recommended” on popular content websites, like Slate. Similar to Google Adwords, you set a budget and pay-per-click.

Run a giveaway.

Create a contest on social media as a means to spread the word about your services. Collect the entries and randomly choose someone to win the grand prize. This could be something small like a gift card to a chain restaurant, or as large as a complete package from your agency, free of charge. The bigger the prize, the more people will enter.

Create a comparative quiz.

As you may have noticed, posts that pose "do you like this or that" on social media are very popular. You can create a quiz that asks for opinions on the best paint colors for a room, etc. Be sure to place your branding all over it, as well as a link to your services on the last page.

Create publications.

Position yourself as an expert in the field by creating informative publications such as eBooks, PowerPoint presentations, or small paper booklets that you can easily share with others. This is a great opportunity to repurpose and repackage content you have already created.


Remember, Stallone Media provides real estate photography and marketing services in Vaughan, King City and Toronto.  We can help!