Our Philosophy

Photography is the science and art of creating crisp images by recording appropriate light to capture the subject. What's unique about our photography process is the technique of obtaining appropriate lighting for the different environments. We pride ourselves on using multi-flash and accurate settings to yield optimal photos.

Our Story

It started out as a hobby for our Director of Photography, Matthew Stallone. Then led to be a passion. After years of learning and adopting new techniques, he has developed a system to yield premium photography.  Today, he has a team of photographers who he mentors to obtain optimal results, thereby putting Stallone Media in the limelight for high-end photography.

Meet the Team

At Stallone Media, our photographers share the same driven passion of learning and executing the required techniques to produce eye-catching images.

Alessia Cannarile

Photographer/ 3D Matterport Specialist

As a graduate of Photography, I love the art of capturing each scene that I'm focusing on.

Matthew Stallone

Director of Photography

I eat, sleep and live photography. My mandate at every shoot is to take the time to best capture the image to showcase the property or product.

Daniel Gallone


As a marketing graduate and photographer, I'm always eager to learn better ways to feature our client's property in the best light.